John Deere 8000 Serie für LS17

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Download Mod: John Deere 8000 Serie für LS17

Version: 3.0.0 Final

Version 3.0 Final Beast Hello all! My John Deere 8000 is finished and this is the last 3 Final Version. It has many corrections and changes. List of all changes: - For better optimization, there is no mess in zip file - Many texture changes - All engine versions available (From 8100i to 8800i) - Engine decals are fixed! - New fixed engine power, up to 843 HP! - Added Crawler Configuration: 600DT Deluxe Tracks and 36inch Tracks - Added front Twin Wheels - Back rims Corrected - All JD PickUp Versions to choose: 639, 649, 659 - Added Dynamic Exhaust - Threshing Sound Update - New Joystick Script - New IC Buttons - Fron Warning on IC Buttons - RDA in wheels on IC Buttons - Added Passenger Script - All cutters have corrected attacher - Pipe changes - Cab scale changes - New store pictures, price and many other... Have a good game, Marthu ;) Please do not edit this mod! Please do not change my link!

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