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Version: 2.0 Final Seasons sugarCane Ad

Changelog Broad Acres 16x Australian Map. Version 2. New additions: • Gates now widened to accommodate larger equipment and more added. • Gates can now be opened inside a vehicle. • Seasons compatible • Terrain added to paddocks, so map isn’t flat • sugarCane added to map and sell areas + factories • Auto storage for hay and wool (large squares, rounds, small squares, wool). • Animal transportation by train from town to animal area and visa versa • Equipment storage sheds • Further storage silos in different areas • Straw Harvest addon compatible • Big open BGA bunkers • Sale points for digestate • Added storage for carrots, onions etc. • Storage silos added into main storage area close to town • Fuel storage in each area • Trains can now unload in each area instead of just loading. • Trailer load on composter. • More equipment added to the TOLL Transport Pack. • Lager and increased number of vehicles added to startup. Fixes: • Pallets removed from TOLL depot • Storage added for pig food in animal area. • Woodchip storage added in main sawmill area for train and trailers • Fixed were wood was being sold when unloading into pallet maker • More room in bakery area • Silo triggers moved into correct positions • Raised storage capacities • Straw prices v loose bale pricing corrected • Silage can now be sold either dumping or via the silo kings • Train FPS drop, and movement issues corrected • TOLL storage depot now showing correct storage amounts • SP Mission equipment spawn points adjusted • Grain outlet animations lining up with augers • All grains now being accepted into unload areas • Shader error when lights come on at night • Floating car park and items • Straw area widened in pig paddock so its easier to accept loads of straw • Widened roads and areas around the town. • Pallet maker rollers increased to hold more pallets. • Barriers around the pallet spawners to prevent freezing of game if trailer runs over them. • Vehicle sell area much larger and easier to find • Clip distances reduced to increase performance.

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